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I'm new so...

My name's Amber- I'm a philosophy-prelaw major... I initially opted for prelaw to prevent people from asking me what the hell I  could possibly do with a major in Philosophy and "I like it, so blow me" is not always an appropriate answer.  But now I've warmed up to the idea of public interest law. My life is currently ruled by two jerkwad terriers who seem to think that I exist to clean up their excrement. If you couldn't tell, I'm a big fan of snark.  I'm not very girly in the sense that my pretty in pink roommates are, but I have a vag and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Question of the month:
I like having hair. Maybe not a forest... but I find grooming tedious.  I really don't like being hairless, it makes me feel like a little kid... which makes sex real awkward for me. My ex wouldn't give me oral unless I shaved so he eventually got kicked to the curb. My partner (above) doesn't mind my bush which is fortunate for him b/c I dont put up with stupid penic-centric bullshit anymore (which is probably why I'm here instead of reading Freud and his penis philosophy for class tomorrow).  

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