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Riot not diet! >:D

Hi you all beautiful vaginas, I'm new to this comm =D

First, an answer to the monthly question; I like to let it be. I remember shaving my kitty cat once, but it resulted a terrible itch that even calming lotion wouldn't help. Later I trimmed it, just shaved the bikini line, but as a result it still itched terribly. I remember reading Vagina Monologues once, by the woman whose husband pressured her to shave her cooch, and she came to realise that hair around your vagina is like the lawn around a house, or petals around a flower, and I have to agree.

I was once treated in a mental hospital, I hated the rehab ward for many reasons but one of them was that my underbelly used to twitch and pulse in a most unpleasant manner, as if it wanted to remind me of its existence, or was about to flee from my body. I wanted to tell about it to the nurses, but as always they would just laugh at my face and tell me it is nothing.

What are the main causes of a yeast infection? I read once that a diet high on sugar may cause it, and that made me feel a bit paranoid because I love cupcakes and candy, and I can't help eating them.

And most of all, this one thing has bothered me for a while; about a week ago, I noticed that some weird dark brown discharge was oozing out of my vagina, like the "after- flow" of menstrual blood. I don't think I was menstruating, because I didn't feel stomach pains and besides, according to my calculations my menses will begin in a week.
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