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ok...whaaat?! vagina in a bottle alert!!!!

so i know i have posted already this week, so please forgive me.
i recently stumbled upon something, and needed to share its unique oddity with someone. and considering what it is, i thought "who better than the vag mofia?! NOone!"
so if you are over 18, not at work, and dont have parentals or teachers breathing down your neck, go check this out.

(i forgot most of my basic HTML, sorry guys. youll have to copy and paste)

for those of you who can't go look at it, its pretty much a perfume...that isnt a perfume...its
"precious vaginal odour filled into a small glass phial"
i would copy and paste more for ya, but i cant copy and paste anything from the site

its bieng marketed on the global market for erotics, and the sleek package design is an attempt at seeming fancy, etc. i do like the language on the site that refers to the scent a couple of times as "precious". hopefully this is the end of scented vag sprays! its marketed as some sort of enhancer for a male's self stimulation, or even a female to use to intensify sex (waiiiit a second there...why dont you just go pokin around your own vag for some scent? french women did it when they couldnt afford perfume, its high class!) so its supposed to be an enhancer for fantasies and stuff. allright, i get that. now i'm left wondering why it took so long? they mention somewhere there, that there are sensual stimuli for most of the other senses, but not scent. (taste too, but i dont wanna think about that) and how the hell did they simplify the incredibly wide range of "vaginal odours"?? i cant say that i have come into contact with a plethora of vaginas, but all the ones i know are totally different from each other.
OH and they have another one coming out "eighteen" and another, "exotic" ......ok, ridiculous.
well i bet this paragraph is a mess. tomorrow morning i can edit it, but its late, and i just spat my brain on the iternets.

what the hell do you guys think about this??! GIVE ME YOUR PRECIOUS BRAIN MEATS!!

<3 - reanna

ps think christina augulera ... "i'm a vagina in a bottle babaayyyy, gotta shaake me the riiight way honeyyy" hahahahahaha
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