jennyboo01 (jennyboo01) wrote in thevagina_mafia,

ok so.....

i was on birth control pills for like 5 years now. I have never had any problems with them until last year, I developed an ovarian cyst. The pill is supposed to prevent them but I still got one. Only, it wasn't ovarian it was on my fallopian tube. I had the cystectomy done about 7 months ago. Now, I'm still having pain in that area so my doc told me to come back the end of this month so he can see what's up. I think it's possible that I may have developed another one. I've already switched birth control brands twice already and I'm getting really fed up with it. I thought maybe if I get pregnant it will help but even then I'm not sure. So, now I only have one fallopian tube and I hear that cuts my pregnancy chances to 75%. I'm not saying the bcp's are causing them, but they surely aren't preventing them either. I'm stressed! Personally I think 5 years is kinda long to be on the pill anyway but my husband is not encouraging me to go off of it.
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