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diy makeup remover

Been meaning to share this for awhile - I've been using olive oil (I transfered a few ounces into a travel size squirty thing) to get my eye makeup off. It's cheaper than department store makeup removers and towlettes, I don't have to worry about its origins or ingredients or testing, and it does a great job breaking down heavy waterproof liner.
Before I wash my face, I just squirt some onto my fingers, gently rub around my eyes and get everything all smudgy, then wipe it off on a designated towel.

And heyo ladies!
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Hmm that's a good idea seeing as it's organic so it won't burn. I've been using baby oil which works quite well.
Yeah I've really gotten it in my eye a few times, and the world's just a little blurry until I wash it out.
Baby oil is awesome too.
I also use much eyeliner, it's the only way I make up my face XD You can check out my profile picture on that :>

I use Fair Trade cotton swabs and just wet them with tap water, and wipe the eyeliner away, then use a dry one to dry my eyes. It has always worked that way, but your tip also sounds great.

Props for the tip and being on DA!