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i hope this isnt a shameless advertisement or something. i'm not getting any money for this, just wanted to share.
my friend sent me a link to this today, with BOOBIE EARRINGS. come on now, boobie earrings. freaking awesome. apparently it was featured on today with an "iron my skirt" sticker :)
anyway, they have some totally nifty stuff (like an octopus vibrator holder, WTF! GREAT) and some stuff that reminded me of some of you guys :cough:Emmatherearetotallyradcigarettecases:cough: so i think y'all should go give it a look see!
its an online auction fundraiser for Equal Access too, so rad stuff+a great cause. GO CHECK IT OUT

EDIT : ok. boobie earrings pic.

but for the rest of them, you're gonna have to go look!

ps. and they have vagina warrior undies

"EQUAL ACCESS is a fund for low-income women in need of reproductive healthcare.

For more information, please go to
To bid on items, you may comment on flickr with your bid amount and email address
OR you may send an email to with your bid.

The auction ends May 15th at 9pm EST. All high bidders will receive information on how to pay. All winners will be charged between $1 and $4 for shipping, depending on the package size."
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